Dr Jethro Siao


Dr Jethro graduated University of Queensland with first class honours and was awarded the Colgate-Palmolive Research grant for his strategic research study in endodontic material science.

His clinical experience in dentistry included serving the population of Brisbane City and Sunshine Coast as a public healthcare provider in Australia. He stay abreast with the latest research-based practices and continues to apply them daily in his clinical practice. He is passionate about his craft and it is his lifelong goal to continue practicing ethically while continuing to upgrading his skills.

Dr Jethro understands his responsibility to serve the local community and the privilege to bettering the lives of his patients. This is driven by his personal principle of transparent dentistry and providing patient-first care. He strives to prioritise patient comfort by taking time to explain treatment options and ensuring anxious-free dental experiences. He volunteers with Healthserve, a non-profit organisation for foreign domestic workers and Tzu Chi Free Clinic, a non-profit organisation for individuals on the fringe of society.

On a personal note, Dr Jethro enjoys his time at the Crossfit gym and pulling the perfect espresso for a flat white. His best find to date is a 1995 La Pavoni Manual Lever Machine.