New Patients

What to expect during your first dental visit

During your first visit, we want to take the time to understand all your concerns that you might have about your mouth, whether large or small. While putting you at ease, we will conduct a thorough examination and explain to you any problems that we detect.

We carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums. We also screen your soft tissues for any signs of disease which includes your cheek, palate and tongue. You may require dental X-rays to check for signs of dental decay, we will help you take them if you wish. If you have any existing X-rays from your current dentist, it is useful to bring them along with you. Once we have gathered all the information, we will inform you of the treatment plan along with any associated costs of treatment

Since we do not double book appointment times, your dentist will always have adequate time reserved for you. We hope you leave every visit feeling fully informed about your dental health and treatment options without being rushed.

Additional dental treatment

If you require additional treatment such, such as a dental filling and would like to have the treatment done on the same visit, we are able to accommodate that in the majority of cases. This allows us to repair your teeth before the problem gets worse and it saves you from multiple visits to the dentists. If you require extensive dental treatment, we will talk you through all your treatment and financial options and schedule your treatment for you.