Crown and Ceramic Restorations in One Day

Are you aware that crowns can be completed on the same day?  At Thomson Dental Centre, our clinic utilizes the latest cutting edge digital CAD/CAM technology by Sirona-CEREC to produce ceramic crowns in our in-house laboratory in just a few hours.  Traditionally, having a crown made requires at least two visits over a week or longer but at our clinic, it is possible to have a crown or inlay fitted on the same day.

Firstly, the tooth is prepared for a crown or inlay by the dentist.  A mould or impression will then be taken to produce a dental model by our lab which will be scanned and digitalised by the the CEREC-3D technology system.  Design and milling of the crown will be done by our team of highly skilled dental technicians.  They will characterize it with stains and glaze that make the crown truly your own. Once the crown is fitted and is functionally and aesthetically pleasing to you and your dentist, it is then cemented on, thus ending your day with a smile!